About Extenseur

About Extenseur HR

Extenseur HR, one of the emerging “full HR administration regulatory support firms” specialized in supporting UK healthcare recruitment companies with complete human resource solutions and outsourcing services. Extenseur HR is keen to provide assistance to our partner companies by sharing business risks and Human resources. We are a team of 10 top-level management professionals specialized in UK employment and healthcare recruitment sector. We possess a team of dedicated client relationship managers and business development managers who specialized in each process, functions, and client industry. A working partnership with our international clients truly accelerates solutions that work seamlessly by sharing technologies and human resources that help you uncover risks and find new opportunities to make your business more successful.

We also specialized in recruiting international nurses to healthcare settings both NHS and Private care homes across the United Kingdom. Systematic approach towards the UK NMC registration process enables us to fulfill our candidate’s expectation within a limited time frame. Our team of expert recruiters guides you throughout all stages of the process till final admission on to NMC register and placement.  We take pride in running a firm that is ethically and socially responsible. 

Our services range from recruiting NMC qualified nurses from overseas and the UK, tailored HR/recruitment assistance to healthcare groups, assistance with UK visa processing, and expert UK immigration advice. As consultants our winning qualities are professionalism, expert knowledge, time management, real results, promptness, and guaranteed client satisfaction.

We assist with UK University admissions for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Postgraduate research courses.

Company History

Extenseur HR established in the year 2016 with head-quarters at Cochin, India. We are a team of hardworking professionals, focusing to develop and leave a successful trial by assisting healthcare recruitment companies by giving solutions to their admin and office works which they can outsource. We can help you to save cost, share the workload, sharing risk, and gives back a fair return on investment since outsourcing helps to reduce the internal use of the workforce.

We can guarantee high productivity at a low cost by utilizing maximum external resources to our clients by providing the highest quality HR & Outsourcing services. The whole idea started from the point where companies understood there is no boundaries doing business with international companies and willing to share their knowledge and experience combined with well qualified human resources, which makes a cost-effective business environment without compromising on quality. We have 17 years of combined experience in UK recruitment process outsourcing and recruiting healthcare professionals to the UK from around the globe.  

Organizations require an accomplished business process outsourcing (BPO) partner helps with the right human resource and innovative use of technologies that help to tackle business challenges; such as Advance HR innovation speculation, convey on business and spending objectives, and lifting HR abilities to the next level. Extenseur HR can help you with simplifying complex HR processes, reduce costs, improve service delivery, enhance employee experience, and transform HR role to strategic opportunities. Extenseur HR provides administrative services across all HR operations.


To adhere to the highest standards and deliver services that surpass industry benchmarks contributing to the success and growth of business and sustainability of all companies associated with us.


To be the perfect workforce that provides the highest quality HR services to our clients and candidates in a timely manner ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Extenseur HR is a “fully administration regulatory support firm” with remote work human asset practical experience. • Unlike different firms that offers the same sort of administration, Extenseur HR incorporates risk management coupled with the labor benefit that ensures the end goal to be achieved with the least potential obligations to the clients. • We undertake Administration, HR Compliance, Ad-Hoc, Voice, Database, Business development, Customer relations as our prior services to focus on Client requirements that further leads to their progress in that sector. • We are an experienced and responsible team that recognizes the significance of cost-effective work-sharing beyond currency barriers. • We provide end to end HR solutions with an intense focus on recruitment and compliance process. • We are a dynamic young company with a forced approach towards client service and a strong belief in sustainable client relationships by customized services to meet their specific needs. • Extenseur HR can act as an extended arm and support to all the companies associated with us and clearly understand how information technology can be leveraged in providing better HR solutions. 


To deliver the quality undertaking effective ad-hoc, administrative, compliance, loading, database handling, and other excess tasks that need more hands but are paid less.


      How do we transform nursing recruitment into a hassle-free process?

We guide aspiring nurses to achieve UK NMC registration and find them an appropriate employer where they can kick-start their UK nursing career. For NMC qualified nurses already in employment, we assist them in finding better employers offering a competitive rate of pay. If it is a healthcare organization overwhelmed with the recruitment process, we aim at offering timely and efficient recruitment services at a reasonable price. Extenseur HR offers UK visa processing assistance to any NMC qualified nurses applying from abroad and switching within the United Kingdom. The UK migration advice offered by us would pave the path towards a successful career and life in the UK.

      How is Extenseur HR differ from similar firms? 

Extenseur HR has an experienced and talented crew who has thoroughly observed and understood the illegal recruitment, job scams, and fraud existing in nursing recruitment. On knowing the experiences of nurses who are victims of fraudulent recruitment, the founders decided to establish a firm that is solely based on ethics and honesty. We aim to provide a service that is 100% compliant and hassle-free. The way we are different from others is our business ethics and integrity. We travel alongside our clients/candidates in their recruitment journey until their needs are met, and testimonials are written.