UK Education

UK is one of the most important global education destination in the world. There are so many reasons why UK become the most popular among international students. UK is the second favorite country in the world for international students after US. International Recognition of UK Universities and Qualifications: UK University education qualifications recognized across the globe. The quality of UK Universities consistently ranked at the top positions in world university rankings. Some of the UK universities has a reputation of the oldest universities in the world, which have maintain and develop the quality of study and research.

University application process are simple even if it is with the highest ranked once. UK universities application process are easy and clear, admitting anyone who meets the criteria and requirements. The application process made even simple through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), which is an independent admission service that facilitates the application procedures. Students enrolled for full-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses permitted to work 20 hours a week during their academic year and full time during holidays helps them to generate money sufficient to cover study and living cost during the time in the UK.

It is easier to get a student visa once admitted to a University. University will sponsor you during the course duration and the visa processing will be simple by completing an online application, documents submission and then wait for the visa approval. Chances of visa rejection extremely lower when you admitted to highly ranked universities. It is easier for students to find accommodations during their studies in the UK. Universities themselves will provide accommodations facilities to students or they can find an affordable accommodation near by the University. 

Cost of study is affordable due to comparatively short period of courses than other countries. Moreover, UK is one of the safest places in the world. UK’s international student population is growing every year. There are many things to explore including big cities, countryside, beautiful beaches and so on. Students get adapted to British culture easily and learn English. UK universities are some of the highest rating in student satisfaction due to lower fee than many other world countries, highly rated qualifications, learning opportunities, academic support, assessment and feedback, learning resources and communities.

UK Government announced a 2 Year post-study work visa for those candidates successfully graduated. From 2020/2021 academic year intakes candidates will be benefited under this immigration rule. It will helps the talented students to work or look for work permit in the UK.