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Extenseur HR is a “fully administration regulatory support firm” with remote work human asset practical experience. • Unlike different firms that offer some sort of administration, Extenseur HR incorporates risk management coupled with the labour benefit that ensures the end goal to be achieved with the least potential obligations to the clients.

Our services range from the recruitment process of qualified nurses from around the globe to UK healthcare settings, tailored HR/recruitment administrative assistance to healthcare groups, assistance with UK visa processing, expert UK immigration advice, and Canada Immigration services. As consultants, our winning qualities are professionalism, expert knowledge, time management, real results, promptness, and guaranteed client satisfaction.

HR/Admin Outsourcing (RPO)

We provide all kinds of admin works on writing, supply management, verbal communication, process improvement, organization, multi-tasking, problem-solving, presenting and analyzing technical information, decision making, information, and others within our partner company effectively, by providing structure to other employees throughout the organization. We guarantee high standard office administration by providing specialized training in order to maintain a high rate of efficiency and productivity.

UK University Education

The United Kingdom is a world leader in science, engineering, business and management, art and design, law, and finance with a legacy and reputation as a center for research. UK university education offers students a real different future with a world-renowned education. Over 600,000 international students are enrolling every year on a variety of courses from the English language to postgraduate levels. UK education system is quite flexible in a way that students can study that suits their aspirations towards career and lifestyle. As a global center, UK education will help the students to meet people from different nationalities, backgrounds and to discover new prospects. Some of the world’s top universities are in the UK, and world leaders in many education areas.

UK Visa & Immigration

Extenseur HR, assist you with all types of UK visa- to visit, work, study or join a family member or partner in the UK. Our team of expert overseas visa consultants will guide you throughout the complex process such as determining the correct visa type, online visa application, booking an appointment with visa application center, visa application fee payment, selecting required visa application services, assistance to visit visa application center, visa application tracking, and visa and documents pick up. 

UK Healthcare Placement

Are you a trained nurse looking for employment opportunities in the United Kingdom?

Extenseur HR helps you achieve your dream carrier as a nurse in the UK. Our team of placement experts will guide you throughout the NMC registration process to become a fully registered Nurse in the UK.

We guarantee placements can be done within 3-4 months if you are fully dedicated towards the process and the way you approaches each stage of the processes. We set a standard time frame to complete a file with a set of strict rules and following NMC guidelines to make sure to achieve our placement speed.  

Canada Immigration & Citizenship

If you are really passionate about immigrating to Canada, we are here to support you throughout your journey. Canada is one of the most popular Immigrant welcoming country in the world. Canada looking for qualified professionals and traders to immigrate to their country and contribute to their economy. Extenseur HR assists you with all kinds of immigration requirements such as study, visit, work, PR & citizenship. We are currently running different immigration programs to the public those who wish to immigrate to specific locations. 

Website Development

We can help you define your competitors and target audience. Design your website by discovering what is going on in the online industry. We deliver your ideas into reality & our website is placed on a “development server” where you get to watch the whole process, live. You go live to the world and We design, market, and maintain your website. We also assist your business with logo branding, application development, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, and online marketing.


We can help you achieve your dreams into reality. Our unique training modules will help you mold yourself as per international standard with the help of our specialized training partners in different industries.